Cashier games

popcornOnline popcorn seller. Open the machine door, load the corn from the bottom, then switch it on. Customers can ask in various flavours.

restaurantOnline restaurant game with gentle figures and actors! You'll be pretty tired while serving everyone.

Buffet Serve the customers in the chinase restaurant! Put on the plates whatever they ask.

pasta Prepare the pasta in the fast food restaurant they way it is instructed.

fast food restaurantOne and all is in hurry in the small fast restaurant by the road, just snapping food and go on, prepare yourself when serving them.

Penguin Diner waitersWho would guess, that there is such turnover here on the South pole. Offer a seat for the arriving penguins and serve them, but be quick.

Penguin gameIf Penguin waiter game goes now really well, then here is the second part, go for it.